Granada Hill Lake Vista

We strive to be the first service provider in the construction industry who brings a never experienced before living standard to our esteemed Pakistani community while ensuring timely delivery and reaching new heights delivery without compromising on quality.

Granada Club will offer a variety of guest rooms including single/double rooms, suites and deluxe suites.

All guest rooms are designed to be comfortable in size and tastefully decorated with a picturesque view of the Granada Hills Rawalpidi Lake and Lush Green Lawns. They will be equipped with modern amenities like entertainment channels on fiber optics, hot & cold bath, Internet, round-the-clock room service, in-house laundry, valet service, business center.

Corporate & Community Facilities at Granada Club


Granada Hills Rawalpindi will implement comprehensive security systems throughout the project to ensure secure living standards for the residents. The security department will be equipped with highly trained and resourceful security personnel who will be consistently patrolling the vicinity.


Granada Hills Rawalpindi is negotiating with some of the best school systems in Pakistan to open their campuses on its premises. With a mission to help towards an educated Pakistan, Granada Hills Rawalpindi is also designing and constructing a school setup and establishing the finest team of educationists to facilitate objective learning, we wish to secure a desirable future for our children. Fully equipped science laboratories, computer rooms, libraries and playgrounds, with a primary and secondary education school which will strive to provide a high quality of teaching and extracurricular activities to strengthen the most important pillar of this nation, our children.
Features and Facilities
Purpose built campus with Air-conditioned classrooms
Fully equipped science and computer labs
Library and Auditorium
Art and Music rooms
Gym and sports facility
Spacious playgrounds
School Van


Granada Hills Rawalpindi’s management understands the importance and criticality of establishing a medical facility with complete and comprehensive medical services, so that the residents feel cared for. The medical facility at Granada Hills Rawalpindi will be equipped with the most modern and sophisticated medical equipment and will be run by experienced and highly qualified medical specialists.
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Keeping in view the traditional role of a mosque in a community Granada Hills Rawalpindi has designed a number of mosques in the project. The mosque will not only provide worshipers a serene and peaceful atmosphere but also act as community centers for the residents.

Each residential Sector in Granada Hills Rawalpindi has a mosque in it. A Jamia Mosque is being purpose built to hold larger congregations like Friday prayers and Eid prayers. Parking space will also be available within mosque compounds.